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>> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-tv 11 news tonight. >> i am deborah weiner. we're learning new details on the hotel fire that sent two people to the hospital. investigators say the fire started in a storage room on the seventh floor. sheldon is live at the scene in catonsville. fire ise cause of the under investigation. they say it was not related to smoking. the hotel remains closed for business.
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it is hard to tell from the outside, but investigators say the fire caused $3.5 million in damage to the hotel. >> this is one of the biggest buyers in terms of scope and the number of people affected by it. >> 160 people were evacuated from the hotel, including the cooper family celebrating his 50th birthday. >> we had to make sure everybody was out. we lost everything. we left it there. we left the food and birthday cake, the drinks. we lost a lot of money. >> it felt like a movie. >> investigators say the fire stopped in a locked storage room on the seventh floor. patrons reported seeing smoke and other parts of the building. >> we saw smoke in the hall as we running out. the smoke was by the lobby coming from the air-conditioning
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vent. >> we had only two patrons with minor injuries. they were transported to local hospitals and treated. there was one firefighter with a minor injury. that person was treated on the scene. we did not even transport him. >> officials would not comment on the circumstances of the injury.ter's they range for guests to stay at area hotels. baltimore county fire officials say hotel management played an active role in relocating the guests and even offered transportation to those who needed it. wbal-tv 11 news. >> three people are dead after three separate violent incidents in baltimore city. the latest happened just after 11:00 this morning. a woman was found dead inside a home. her identity has not been released. police have not said how the victim died. homicide detectives have been assigned to the case.
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homicide detectives are investigating a deadly shooting in east baltimore. we're told 22-year-old mcfadden were shot early this morning on lester morton court. the victim later died at the hospital. moments later, officers responded to a deadly stabbing in the 1700 block. when they arrived, they found richard mills stabbed in the torso. he was also taken to hopkins' where he died. police have no suspects or possible motives in any of the incidents. anyone with information is asked to call the homicide unit. the man charged in the stabbing of an alabama interest will appear in court. marcus harris is expected to appear at a bail review hearing later in the week. he is charged with first-degree murder in the death of callo.
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he was stabbed shortly after the july 4 fireworks show. police believe the stabbing may have been the result of an earlier altercation. they credit the person who took a picture of the suspect. that turned out to be a valuable piece of evidence. girlfriend says she is relieved. >> i am relieved this will not happen to somebody else. i am glad they caught him and they're going to bring him to justice. >> harris turned himself in yesterday. >> the search for another suspect continues. investigators say 25-year-old man was stabbed to death during an argument early saturday morning. we're told the victim was with friends on north charles street when the argument broke out with another group. the 25-year-old victim was stabbed and rushed to shop, where he died. police of not least his identity.
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the police have not released his identity. officers found three men fighting last night. ray vaughn anderson was charged with attempted murder in the stabbing. the victim was taken to a hospital. there is no word on his condition. police say the third man came to the aid of the victim and got the knife away from the suspect during the fight. we go to washington where president obama invited congressional leaders to the white house to work out a compromise to raise the debt limit. we have the latest on that meeting that sources say was respectful but tense. perhaps the president and congressional leaders were at the same table but far apart from saving uncle sam from the looming credit deadline. the bargaining session was over in one hour in 15 minutes. both sides said they would start
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again on monday. >> the good news is we agree on some of the big things. >> president obama thought he and john boehner had an agreement to target $4 trillion in cuts. saturday evening, the speaker abandon the plan saying it was too ambitious and could not pass. >> a big package would require big tax increases in the middle of an economic situation that is extraordinarily difficult. we think it is a terrible idea. >> democrats want to close some tax loopholes to offset the cuts. >> what is really appalling is to seek our republican colleagues providing a form of extortion. we will put all of these jobs at risk is what they're saying. >> the credit rating may be at risk if congress fails to act soon. >> if that happens, you will see catastrophic damage across the american and global economy.
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>> the political leaders remain far apart. wbal-tv 11 news. the nation reaches its credit limit on august 2. secretary geithner says the deal must be done this week. there is a link between this showdown over the debt and the health of the economy. it is believed failure to reach a deal could make the jobs situation worse. the backdrop for the showdown is the dismal job report from jim. only 18,000 new jobs were created that month with unemployment creeping up to 9.2%. economists are pessimistic for the months ahead. >> there's not going to be a heavy dose of federal stimulus coming. that has been propping up the economy since 2008. we cannot expect another $4 trillion coming from the federal government to jumpstart the economy. >> gas prices went up for the
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first time in eight weeks in response to higher crude-oil prices. the national average for regular gasoline rose to $3.59 on friday. that is up 4 cents from last week. a recent survey found a significant drop in consumer confidence for the month of june. but none of these are good factors. goodhere's no way to put a p face on it. we're in uncharted ground. we've never been able to get an economy out of recession. >> will the private sector have enough muscle to change the national mood by creating jobs? at an event celebrating the redevelopment of the complex on the west side, the move was up as lawmakers and developers
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cheeered the venture. >> this partnership will ensure that our best days are ahead of us. >> analysts say that kind of optimism may be put to the test as the economic indicators continue to show a country limping to recover. >> tim pawlenty criticized president obama and talk about his campaign today. >> he was blaming president bush, the weather, the republicans. we're almost three years into this a administration. he should look in the mirror to see who's to blame for the economy. it is not doing well. if you want somebody with executive leadership has gotten results, vote for me. >> he says the debt ceiling crisis is one symptom of larger problems in washington. the latest republican to join
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the 2012 presidential race headed tree battleground state today. he stopped in new hampshire to greet local conservatives at the family fun fair. he vowed to restructure the government if elected president. >> the country faces great challenges. many have not been addressed yet. >> the michigan congressman announced his intention to run earlier this month. his the 10th republican to join the ticket against president obama. nasa plans to once the air quality campaign over the maryland skies. we will tell you where and when. scandal forces "the news of the world" to publish its final edition. the legacy the paper leaves behind. prince william and kate are headed back to the u.k. tonight. we will tell you where they spent the last hours of their california tour. city officials are getting ready
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for the road closures that could affect your morning to meet tomorrow. >> it is warm this evening. temperatures are finally falling into the 70's. it is still really hot in the central plains states.
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>> the nasa air quality fights are set to begin tomorrow. at 11:00, planes will fly at altitudes as low as 1,000 feet. the aircraft will also make the sense. the project aims to enhance the ability of satellites to measure air pollution from space. the airplanes will fly above 95 and the parkway several times until 7:00 p.m.
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expect delays tomorrow downtown. several lanes will be closed because of construction work. the work will continue for about two weeks. two planes will remain open for commuters. officials are encouraging motorists to use alternate routes. the city is planning for the inaugural grand prix race on labor day weekend. tune in tomorrow morning for the latest traffic alert. one person is dead after a semi truck veered off of an interstate and slammed into a grocery store in michigan. the truck swerved off interstate 94 near detroit and crashed into the side of the store. the driver was killed. a man inside the store was injured. police are investigating reports the driver was cut off by another car was driving erratically.
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a strong earthquake rocked japan this morning. the 7.3 quake hit around 10:00 local time. is in on the alert was issued but lifted two hours later. it is in on the alert was issued but lifted two hours later. there's been no reports of damage. that is still recovering from the earthquake and tsunami from courtroom as ago. the final edition of the 168 year-old tabloid hit newsstands this morning. it included a full-page apology to readers and a compilation of its triumphs over the years. the paper was forced to shut down amid allegations it paid police for information and hacked into the voice mails of murder victims. >> it is a terrific shame it has come to this. as i said to the staff this morning, it is not where we wanted or deserved to be. >> three people have been
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arrested in connection with the allegations. the royal couple is headed back to the u.k. tonight after world one tour of canada and the u.s. they made dozens of appearances. today, they left l.a. grateful for the warm reception. >> the duke and duchess began their final day in the united states by showing their creative and compassionate side. they visited inner-city arts in downtown los angeles, a nonprofit center teaching art to children who live in and around skid row. >> it is my honor to introduce his royal highness, the duke of cambridge. their next and final stop was a job fair for veterans at sony pictures studios called hiring our heroes. >> there on the front line of a remarkable relationship between the united kingdom, united states, and canada. >> prince william is an active
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duty pilot for the royal air force. >> my low-flying a very average brother -- [laughter] as a partner in today's events. >> he was among the jobless veterans in the audience. >> they a voice shown their support with the u.s. and our citizens. >> the royal newlyweds' spent a little less than 48 hours in southern california. they managed to pack in six major events including a venture capital summit, a polo match, and a red carpet event with hollywood superstars. >> sweltering temperatures have many people in arkansas seeking relief. the temperature in little rock reached 102 today. there was very little cloud cover or wind to cool it down. some people took advantage of the refresh in order found. forecasters expect more of the
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same tomorrow with possible thunderstorms later in the week to cool things down. >> here is your weather forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> we had some heat today. the committee is still reasonable. -- the humidity is still reasonable. 96 was the high at the inner harbor. the normal is 87. the record is 107. that was set back in 1936. we have had three so far this year in may, july has had six. that gives us a total of 16. one day in june, we hit 100. temperatures this evening are still quite mild. the airport is at 79. it is still 84 of the inner harbor. cambridge is 72. the boardwalk is 76. it is dropped into the 60's
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still 72 at oakland. the 60's are indicated by the green. the 80's are the orange around the metropolitan areas of washington and baltimore. the air quality will not be great tomorrow. the nasa plane will get a mouthful of pollution. that is because of the stagnant heat and humidity. the stormy weather is to the south. high pressure is sitting over us giving us decent weather as far as the rain and low humidity. the high is moving to the east. we will be on the west side. that means more southerly air. that means hot air coming our way. we're adding humidity to the formula as well. the forecast overnight tonight is mostly clear and mild. some readings will drop into the
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60's. we will have scattered clouds tomorrow. it will be hot and more humid. the air quality will be marginal. the high temperature will be 91 to 95. the record high is 100. that was set in 1988. the tuesday high could be a target for tying or breaking. here is the futurecast. by monday afternoon and evening, there could be some storms in amounts to the west. we should stay dry on monday. on tuesday morning, we could see some rain activity to the west. a front will come in late tuesday into wednesday. there will be scattered showers and thunderstorms. it does not look like a big breakout like last week. it will be 89 by wednesday after the rain.
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the heat and humidity will be down for the rest of the week. it will be comfortable and dry from wednesday afternoon on. >> it is good to see you. >> i do not know if you watched the women's soccer game. it was thrilling. you do not have to be a soccer fan to appreciate how good the world cup truly was. if i were a customer, i'd like nonstop travel because it's quicker. because it's convenient. it's just the best way to go. keeps the cost down. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has added new nonstop flights from bwi airport to south carolina. it means more time doing the things i want to do. it's easy. it's hassle-free.
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>> with twin baby girls on the way in november, watching the women's world cup has taken on new meaning for me. it is now seeing everything that is possible for young women. with a national women's team todid today was incredible. this is less than a two minutes in, brazil puts it in their own goal giving the u.s. the lead. things get a little wild. marta makes a strong run and it's taken down. rachel gets a penalty and red card. a great died and say. the ref called an infraction. someone moved before the kick. -- a great dive and save.
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brazil is on top, 2-1. at minute 122, megan sets up abbie. they tied at two. they go to penalty kicks with another wonderful save that sets of the drama for kreiger for the win. u.s. wins in one of the most dramatic finishes in soccer history. they advance on to play again wednesday against france in the semifinals. the orioles could always say the least they are not the pirates. pittsburgh has not had a winning season in 18 years, the longest streak in baseball. the o's -- you know. they get to him early.
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alan jones will play in the tuesday all-star game. watkins gets bombed in the bottom half. kevin has a two-run blast to tie at 6. 7-6 in the fifth. both of them would leave the game. wheelan, frank and to the orioles would get tossed. they have lost 21 of 26. the pitching was brutal against the sox. the starters era was almost 16. jeremy now leads the majors with 12 losses. he will not play. he did tell the son he hopes an extension is worked out during the break. artie hitting 278 with 13 home runs already this season.
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everyone was watching him. almost 450 feet. i could do that. not quite in the game. the top prospect of the start short. a groundout and a pop out. a three-run rally. austin has a t-l single. the u.s. comes back to win it 6- 3. it was all philly. david ross was looking for the home run. raul with over the fence to bring it back. he is 39 years old. he still has some ups. i am five months older and promise you i could not do that. he had six rbis. the phillies win and get a break with the best record in baseball.
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tomorrow, nfl lockout talks. it seems to center on rookies with wage scale in length of contract. they've said friday is the last day to reach a deal to start the season on time. a crazy woman today in france. -- a crazy moment today in france. i do not know why he swerved. two went down. they would both continue. tomas leads the race. i do not get why the car did that, but it made for good video. >> it is good to see you. we will have the forecast when we come back.
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